Additional Thoughts on Positive Culture: A Memorable Visit to Texas A&M University

The importance of culture is by no means limited to for profit companies – culture is also critical at not for profit firms, universities and trade groups.  One of my favorite blog posts on culture was written several years ago by a friend, Jeff Whittle, shortly after he returned from watching his college team play at Texas A&M University on a football weekend.  Jeff visited the campus to see his team (the University of Florida) play the Aggies, and his post highlights the remarkable warmth and friendly hospitality he experienced throughout his stay.  The powerful and emotional connection that Texas A&M alums feel toward their school is easy to understand after reading Jeff’s post.  A&M’s culture and its people make it a special place.

Enjoy Jeff’s post here:   I would also like to encourage you to share a comment about the impact that you have seen culture play in your own business experience – positively or negatively.