Optimizing Value for Clients as Settlement Counsel in Divorce Cases

As Settlement Counsel for a divorcing spouse in family law cases, our role is to negotiate, structure and implement a Business Divorce that optimizes the value of the divorce settlement.  This Business Divorce settlement may be structured to take several different forms, but often includes continued co-ownership of assets by the couple following divorce with an extensive set of protective measures to govern future conduct and provide for a redemption at a later point.  From a business perspective, forcing a sale or division of all of the assets in the marital estate at the time of the divorce is equivalent to a liquidation, which often results in a negative financial outcome.  More specifically, requiring a division or sale of all of the marital assets can substantially drive down the value of the investments and also require expensive, protracted fights over valuation.

Recently, we had the opportunity to discuss Business Divorce concepts at a lunch meeting of the Family Law Section of the Houston Bar Association.  A copy of the link to our PowerPoint presentation from this lunch is attached here.

For more information regarding our firm’s role as Settlement Counsel assisting family law attorneys in divorce proceedings, please contact Ladd Hirsch at (214) 389-5323.