two business professional shaking hands mediation for business disputes

The firm’s senior partners are increasingly being asked to serve as mediators in matters that involve Business Divorce conflicts and other complex business disputes. These mediations take place prior to any legal action being filed or after a case or arbitration proceeding has been initiated. Our experience in resolving business disputes for our clients has given us an in depth understanding of the issues and problems that often arise in business conflicts. As mediators, we work closely with the parties and their counsel in the negotiation process, and we bring creative business approaches and pragmatic alternatives to the discussion to break impasses that arise during the parties’ settlement negotiations.

We conduct business dispute mediations on either an hourly fee or competitive flat fee basis depending on the needs and preferences of the parties. At the parties’ request, we will host the mediation in our firm’s offices or in the offices of the parties or their counsel. Please contact Jason Fulton directly at 214-389-5325 if you would like to discuss any issues regarding a potential mediation or to schedule a mediation of an existing case or business dispute.